by doxa

Make it easy for customers to send you files

FileRocket inbound handles all the transfers from customers to your office

We setup custom forms just the way you need. Your customers can fill out the form and drag-n-drop their files.

It's as simple as that.

We provide you with a dedicated upload page, branded for your company. Or you can embed the upload form directly on your own website.

No special software or plugins to install. Mobile friendly.

It just works.

Send large files to anyone, painlessly

FileRocket outbound handles all the transfers from you to other recipients

Type a message, provide one or more recipients, and drag-n-drop your files.

We send your recipients an email notification with your message and a link to download the files.

FileRocket tracks when each recipient has opened the email and downloaded your files.

Emails that make you look good

We put your company front and center.
Anytime a FileRocket email is sent to a customer, it is branded with your logo.

Ready for a better file transfer solution?

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